136 East Market Street    |    Sandusky, OH 44870

136 East Market Street  Sandusky, OH 44870

Scrumptious Savory Popcorn

in Sandusky, OH

We are the Popcorn People at Bay Popcorn Company, LLC

Craving some unforgettable savory popcorn? Dreaming about handfuls and handfuls of salty, cheesy, or even fiery goodness? Well, crave and dream no longer. Bay Popcorn Company, LLC, in Sandusky, OH, offers the tastiest savory popcorn and salty popcorn in North-Central Ohio. From Fremont, OH, and Norwalk, OH, to Tiffin, OH, and the rest of the surrounding areas, we are the first name when it comes to homemade, fresh savory popcorn. Our popcorn is what popcorn should taste like.  

Visit us today, call us at (567) 283-5360, email us at [email protected], or contact us online. Discover what countless other people already know. You will immediately be a fan of Bay Popcorn Company, LLC. 

Savory Popcorn, Made Fresh From Family Recipes

Bay Popcorn Company, LLC, offers the most delectable savory popcorn and salty popcorn in North-Central Ohio. Discover just how amazing savory popcorn can be. People visit us again and again to get another taste of its yummy goodness. Every flavor is homemade from family recipes, freshly prepared with love and care. From hot and fiery to salty and cheesy, there is something for every taste in your family and group of friends.

Our prices for our savory popcorn and our salty popcorn are:

Savory Popcorn

Small, $5

Medium, $10

Large, $20

Try All of Our Savory Popcorn Flavors

Bay Popcorn Company, LLC, offers a wide variety of savory popcorn and salty popcorn flavors. Find your favorite one, or try and enjoy them all:

3 Cheese
Bacon Cheese
Bacon Ranch
BBQ Ranch
Buffalo Breath
Buffalo Cheddar
Buffalo Ranch

Get your cheesey popcorn fix here. Combo of yellow cheddar, white cheddar and Nacho cheese.

The flavors we most cherish are bacon & cheese. Get ready for movie night with this one.

If you like buffalo wings you will enjoy our full flavored Buffalo Chedar.

Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Pretzel Ale
Cincinnati Chili
Creamy Dill
Garlic Parmesan
Guadalajara Hot Sauce
Honey Mustard

Extra buttery and bold popcorn is the ultimate happy food. The buttery snack that's just perfect for everyone.

If you like Dill Chips you will love creamy dill. It is known for having an agreeable savory taste.

A delightful duo of garlic and parmesan enhances our locally grown tender popcorn.

Jalapeno Cheddar
Loaded Bake Potato
Mac & Cheese
Mediterranean Herb
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Supreme
Pepper Pop (Hot)

Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste. Warm & wonderful combo of Yellow Cheddar and Jalapeno (Hot).

Special blend of spices united to create this zesty snack.

Salt & Vinegar
Sea Salt & Black Pepper
Sour Cream & Chives
White Cheddar
Yellow Cheddar

A white cheddar made with real cheddar chese that is a crowd pleaser.

Get your cheddar fix here. Our local grown popcorn tumbled with real cheddar cheese.

New flavors coming! Our customers can special-order all of our flavors.

Buffalo Cheddar

Jalapeno Cheddar




White Cheddar

Available in tins.

Try Our Sweet and Premium Popcorn

At Bay Popcorn Company, LLC, we also offer the most amazing sweet popcorn and premium popcorn, too. We truly have something scrumptious and satisfying for every taste bud. We also sell wonderful gift baskets and can create amazing corporate gifts, full of our savory popcorn or our sweet popcorn or mixed together with nuts, pretzels, or candy. And remember our name for event popcorn, as we can handle wedding gifts, popcorn for a birthday party or a bridal shower, and much more. We can even match the color of the popcorn as closely as possible to your colors. Why go anywhere else for popcorn? Bay Popcorn Company, LLC, is the popcorn destination for Sandusky, OH; Fremont, OH; Norwalk, OH; Tiffin, OH; and all of the surrounding areas. 

We can ship anywhere in the United States. No free shipping. Call us for details.

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